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Designed for daily use, CoorsTek custom components for consumer and household durables are designed to provide a long life and consistent performance. CoorsTek offers a wide range of custom components for household products, taking advantage of the unique properties of advanced technical ceramics including high operating temperatures, high strength, low porosity, electrical insulation, corrosion, and wear resistan­­ce.

CoorsTek advisors help our customers select from a vast range of material formulations and a wide variety of manufacturing and finishing options to create high performance components to meet the needs of a given application. Technical ceramic components can provide benefits for numerous consumer and household uses, including:


Ceramic Blades & Sharpeners

Technical ceramics are ideal for cutting tools of all sorts, including blender blades, receipt cutters for registers, knife sharpeners, and more. Ceramic materials increase precision and blade life due to their strength and wear resistance in the toughest of environments.

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Ceramic Parts for Coffee Machines

CoorsTek manufactures ceramic coffee grinder burrs and piercer components for coffee machines. Alumina offers high thermal capacity, wear resistance, and long-lasting sharpness without altering the taste of the coffee.

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Heating Applications

When it comes to HVAC, outdoor grills, appliances, and more, technical ceramics are the material of choice to maximize performance and efficiency. CoorsTek manufactures igniters for hot surface ignition and HVAC systems, as well as perforated plaques for high precision heat distribution.

  • Igniters
    CoorsTek offers two families of igniters for hot surface ignition systems in heating applications, each offering high strength, durability, and rapid heating capabilities. Their superior materials and exceptional heating capabilities provide reliable performance over a long useful life. Learn more about CoorsTek Igniters >>


Lighting and Display

Technical ceramics are superior materials for the manufacturing of lighting and display components. CoorsTek ceramics provide superior thermal performance and stability, translucency for applications such as high-performance HID lighting, and superior dielectric strength to help prevent electrical arcing during machine operation.

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Looking for more information on the properties of technical ceramics? Download, our eBook Ceramics: The Powerhouse of Advanced Materials for data charts and more.

A View to a Kiln

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Custom Ceramic Components for Household Durables

CoorsTek manufactures custom ceramic components to fit our customer’s applications. Regardless of the application environment, technical ceramics can be utilized because of their inherent electrical, chemical, mechanical, and thermal wear resistance.

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