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Rapid and Reliable Ceramic Hot Surface Igniters

Group of hot surface ceramic igniters.CoorsTek offers ceramic igniters for hot surface ignition systems in heating applications. These high strength, heat resistant ceramic igniters have become an industry standard in gas heating systems. Their superior materials and rapid heating capabilities provide reliable performance over a long useful life. 

Applications include:

  • Gas heating systems
  • Ovens/ranges
  • Dryers
  • And more

Igniter Product Families

CoorsTek offers three families of ceramic igniters, each offering different ranges of style, durability, and heat up speed to ignition temperatures — all leveraging strong material properties including:

  • Low porosity 
  • High operating temperature
  • Corrosion resistant


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DuraGlo™ Igniter

CoorsTek DuraGlo™ Igniters are rugged silicon nitride igniters designed to provide outstanding performance in a wide array of operating conditions. DuraGlo™ igniters exceed industry expectations, combining fast heat up with exceptional durability and long life.

Click here for a full listing of models replaceable by the DuraGlo Universal Silicon Nitride Igniter Kit.


Mini-Igniter™ ignition systems are high strength, rapid heating igniters — popular alternatives in the gas-fired heating market. 

Traditional Igniter

Traditional CoorsTek ceramic igniters are alternatives to spark igniters in gas pilot systems. These silicon carbide igniters quickly became an industry standard for gas heater systems.