Infracer™ Perforated Plaques

Perforated Plaques for Perfect Heat Distribution

CoorsTek Infracer ceramic plaques are configured for high precision gas distribution. Each plaque has inherent thermal properties and chemical properties making them ideal for consistency and long use life. The unique surface profiles are optimized for the most efficient burn, letting the gas burn cleanly and thoroughly. 

Applications include:

  • Room heaters
  • Radiant heaters
  • Process techniques
  • Camping and grill appliances
  • Water and central heating boilers
  • Glass-ceramic cooking tops

Gas types:

  • Propane
  • Butane
  • Natural Gas


  • Ideal for infrared use
  • High chemical and thermal stability as well as thermal shock resistance
  • Almost complete combustion (NOx, CO) of the gases due to comparatively low flame temperature. With a corresponding layout of the burner system, CO values smaller than 80 ppm are obtainable
  • High level of radiation, optimal efficiency factor
  • Variable port loading: 12-100W/cm² (according to burner configuration and application)