Custom Electronic Components

Generic blue image of an electronic circuit board.

Precision Ceramic Components for Microelectronic Applications

Ceramic microelectronic components are used in active and passive devices that enable high-performance electronics to be used in all kinds of environments and applications — in aerospace, automotive, communications, computers, medical, and a large variety of electronic instruments, industrial equipment, and consumer appliances.

Here are just a few examples of how advanced ceramics are used in resistors, capacitors, hybrid circuits, sensors, and other critical microelectronic devices.

Group of alumina insulators for microelectronics.

Microelectronic Insulators

Many technical ceramics are inherently strong electrical insulators. CoorsTek provides a wide range of electrical insulator components in various shapes, sizes, and form factors — providing high electrical resistivity, dielectric strength, and other application-specific requirements.  

Aluminum nitride insulator for microelectronic applications.

Aluminum Nitride Insulators

Aluminum nitride (AlN) has a very high thermal conductivity, allowing this unique ceramic to spread and get rid of heat quickly. This allows electronic components to maintain cooler operating temperatures while still providing the excellent electrical insulation of ceramic insulators.

Metallized technical ceramic feedthrough for microelectronic applications.


CoorsTek provides custom ceramic-to-metal feedthrough assemblies for passing energy or materials between the outside and inside of hermetically-sealed chambers. These feedthroughs combine electrical insulation with vacuum-tight performance —and are engineered to withstand harsh conditions like high or cryogenic temperatures, high pressure or vacuum, and aggressive chemicals.

Metallized technical ceramic plate for microelectronic substrate and wafer applications.

Power Electronics

Use engineered technical ceramics for your power electronics to help manage heat load, increase efficiency, and improve reliability. 


Metallized alumina heat sink dissipator for microelectronic applications.


CoorsTek ThermTile™ ceramic heat sinks and electrical insulators are an optimum choice when thermal management is important — combining the benefits of strong ceramic tiles, good thermal conductivity, and phase-change materials to improve heat transfer from power electronics and other heat-generating devices.  

Fuse bodies using technical ceramics for microelectronic applications.

Fuse Bodies

CoorsTek ceramic fuse bodies deliver robust dielectric strength, high resistivity, and durability for industrial and commercial-grade fuses. 

Epoxy lid seal used in microelectronic applications.

Epoxy Seal Lids

CoorsTek ceramic epoxy seal lids are prepared for B-stage epoxies with rapid cure cycles —delivering high-strength, moisture-resistant seals for electronic and pressure-sensitive devices. Our epoxy seal has excellent fillet formation characteristics, and the high post-cure thermal and moisture resistance needed for high-reliability electronic packages.  

Aluminum nitride cooling box heat exchanger.

heat exchangers

CoorsTek aluminum nitride (AlN) heat exchangers, or cooling boxes, take advantage of high thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, and electrical insulation to provide long-life, water-based active cooling. Learn More

Metallized alumina electronic microelectronic components.

Metallized Electronic Components

CoorsTek supplies custom metallized ceramic components and assemblies, with metal-to-ceramic joints of exceptional strength, durability, and hermeticity.