RF & Microwave

Advanced Ceramic Components for RF & Microwave

Advanced technical ceramics components provide reliable, long-term performance for high-power RF and microwave applications.

Family of metallized and brazed components for microelectronic applications.

RF & MICROWAVE Components

CoorsTek provides advanced ceramic components used in high-power, high-frequency systems such as medical imaging, airport scanning, and microwave gyrotrons. 

MRI gantry component made with CoorsTek alumina material for medical applications.

X-Ray Tubes & Components

Technical ceramics are used to support x-ray imaging, e-beam, and other demanding high-frequency applications with custom components and brazed assemblies.

Microwave Components

Custom Microwave & RF Components and Assemblies

CoorsTek works with you to design and produce a wide range of advanced ceramic components and brazed assemblies for your specific microwave and RF applications — from rapid prototyping through volume production.