Thin-Film Electronic Substrates

Why Ceramic Thin-Film Substrates?

CoorsTek is the leader in custom and standard thin-film ceramic substrates. Four thin-film substrate material options combine smooth surface finish, strong flexural strength, and consistent electrical properties. Contact CoorsTek to help you design a specific thin-film substrate for your application, or download our Design Guide.

Alumina is an optimal material for most thin-film ceramic substrate applications. CoorsTek controls surface finish, grain size, and surface imperfections to enhance fine-line resolution, spacing, and yields in your thin-film process. CoorsTek substrates are available in "as-fired" and finished form, and in both standard and resistor grades. 


SuperStrate® Thin-Film Substrates

CoorsTek SuperStrate® substrates are the industry standard for high-performance, thin-film substrates — providing an exceptionally smooth surface finish for optimum fine-line definition. 3 thin film substrates


ADS-996 Thin-Film Substrates

CoorsTek ADS-996 alumina substrates are a workhorse for most thin-film electronics applications. 


ADS-995 Thin-Film Substrates

Our ADS-995 alumina substrates are an economical alternative for less-demanding thin-film applications.


Substrate Size & Thickness

Substrate Thicknesses (Alumina)

CoorsTek offers thin-film substrate thicknesses from 0.127 mm (0.005") to 1.524 mm (0.060"). Standard as-fired thickness tolerance is ± 10%.

Substrate Sizes (Alumina)

CoorsTek offers a wide range of standard and custom sizes. Common square and disc sizes are shown below. Contact us if you need a custom size or geometry.

thin film substrate size guide

ThiN-Film Ceramic Substrate Design Guide 

Contact us to receive a copy of the Thin-Film Ceramic Substrate Design Guide:

Lapping & Polishing

All CoorsTek thin-film substrates are available in lapped and polished configurations. In their "as-fired" condition, one side is smoother than the other.

Typical Surface Finish: Centerline Average (CLA)

Substrate Material Smooth Side

Rough Side

Lapped Polished
SuperStrate 50 nm 76 nm < 250 nm < 25 nm
ADS-996 76 nm 101 nm < 300 nm < 25 nm
ADS-995 127 nm 178 nm < 762 nm < 50 nm

Laser Scribing & Annealing

side of a laser scribed substrate

CoorsTek offers custom scribing for optimized singulation - defining variable laser pulse spacing and depth in the (x) and (y) scribe directions to control the singulation sequence more precisely. Our enhanced laser scribing helps improve your process yields - preventing hooking, chipping, and premature breakage.

Customer-defined annealing treatments are also available to achieve your specific circuit manufacturing requirements. The Thin-Film Substrate Design Guide helps you configure a design from material through finishing and inspection. 

Laser Machining

typical laser chart for substrates

CoorsTek provides laser machining services for precise hole location, edge definition, and custom shapes and sizes. We also provide design consultation, rapid prototyping, and expedited delivery to get you just what you need, when you need it.