Energy – “The global energy crisis sparked by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is having far-reaching implications for households, businesses and entire economies, prompting short-term responses from governments as well as a deeper debate about the ways to reduce the risk of future disruptions and promote energy security. This is a global crisis, but Europe is the main theatre in which it is playing out, and natural gas is centre stage...”  IEA, World Energy Outlook 2022. A new global energy economy is emerging, requiring a long-term transition. As the world strives to meet these global demands, it is imperative that we all collaborate to bring reliable, affordable, and cleaner energy to everyone.

CoorsTek directly engages in enabling multiple energy solutions, helping to bring power to under-served regions and reducing emissions where needed. In the quest for cleaner energy, we supply critical components for solar and wind energy production, as well as advances in nuclear fusion. Our industry-leading technologies and innovations in advanced materials enable energy solutions all over the world.



Picture of a man behind a glass pane that says Hydrogen

Hydrogen offers several ideal attributes to help solve the variable energy storage requirements of solar and wind renewable resources, all while simultaneously providing opportunities for emissions reductions. CoorsTek supports cleaner energy and decarbonization efforts with innovative technologies for both green and blue Hydrogen.

We offer solid oxide ceramic components for electrolyzers to produce green hydrogen, membrane solutions for blue hydrogen, and ceramic components that reduce the energy requirements for methane reforming. In addition, we are working to produce green fuels from CO2 and Hydrogen to reduce aviation emissions. We also have a long history in fuel cell components to supply clean microgrid power and electrical grid resilience.

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Nuclear. What's on the Horizon?


Artistic rendering of the inside of a nuclear reactor.

Nuclear fusion holds the promise of harnessing the energy of the sun on Earth to offer a nearly emission-free energy source. CoorsTek has a long history of collaborating with nuclear fission companies, providing advanced materials for neutron absorbers and mechanical seals. We are currently working with several companies to develop innovative, critical material systems such as Boron Carbide for neutron shielding.

Although these projects are many years away from commercialization, today’s collaborations will help realize fusion’s future as a leading clean energy solution.

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Renewables & Sustainability


Mother and child looking at a sunset with a ball of energy in front of them.

Global development efforts focused on innovative, sustainable energy sources have pushed wind and solar to evolve from novel ideas to reliable sources of renewable energy. CoorsTek technologies and materials are an integral part of this advancement, with technical components used in a wide array of renewable and sustainable energy applications:

Solar PV cell production: SiSiC boats (reaction-bonded silicon carbide infiltrated with silicon)

Concentrated Solar Power: Thermal energy storage and extreme temperature systems

Wind: Silicon Nitride turbine bearing systems

Emissions and Power: Components to increase and manage performance

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Oil & Gas and Chemicals


Oil worker walking near an oil well at sunrise.

Fossil fuel-based sources will continue to anchor the world’s expanding energy demands. Through our ongoing collaborations with oil and gas services companies, CoorsTek works to improve energy efficiency and minimize the impact to our environment. We also provide customizable advanced components for the unique requirements of the chemical industry. From drilling and completions to production, and from refining to chemical processing, CoorsTek components last longer, streamline operations, and reduce waste. 

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CoorsTek Energy Stories


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