CoorsTek offers a wide variety of extremely reliable, heat-stable, and corrosion-resistant components for use in nuclear equipment using a range of technical ceramics including Silicon Nitride and Boron Carbide.


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We engineer advanced ceramics to solve your biggest challenges. When you choose CoorsTek, you get a complete package to ensure superior performance for your custom engineered components:

Design Consultation
Our materials experts work with your team to understand your application and create an optimal, best value solution. And if engineered ceramics aren’t the best fit, we tell you.

Performance Testing
Our engineered ceramics are designed for high performance, so we evaluate lab and field test data to make sure they’re measurably better – delivering the results you require.

Manufacturing Expertise
Our solutions could incorporate virtually every ceramic manufacturing technology known from powder to part – but we use what fits you best. We design for manufacturability, build with excellence, and deliver with speed.