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Drilling Components

Energy Component for Directional Drilling

From drilling to pumping to fluid separation, CoorsTek drilling components are designed to last. These drilling components are manufactured from a wide range of materials chosen to maximize wear and corrosion resistance. 


Drilling and Separating Equipment

Rotary-Steerable System (RSS) Components for Directional Drilling


Mud Pump Equipment

Featured products

Severe Duty Ceramic Pipe Liner


Mud Pump Cylinder Liners

Specifically designed for environments exposed to intense heat and pressure fluctuations, chemically harsh and abrasive fluids, CoorsTek zirconia mud pump liners withstand the most punishing environments. 

All of our liners are designed to accurately fit your pump cylinders. Our experts will shrink-fit our ceramic liners into metal sleeves for your specific application. 

Polycrystalline diamond compact drill be it displacers for upstream oil and gas drilling.


Polycrystalline Diamond Compact (PDC) Drill Bit Displacers

Engineered for PDC drill bit manufacturing, these displacers help maintain orifice integrity during the casting of tungsten carbide drill bit bodies. 

Extreme Duty Gap Sub Washers


Gap Sub Washers

The gap sub assembly comprises a pair of electrically conductive subs. Gap sub washers are used as an electrical insulator, annular washer, separating the seal faces of the connection. The gap sub washer functions to provide an electrical discontinuity when incorporated into a conductive drill string.


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