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Vacuum Interrupters & Capacitors

Long-Life Vacuum Interrupter and Capacitor Components for Severe Duty

Specialized Vacuum interrupters

Our alumina ceramics are ideal for refractory metallized and brazed components used in power grid tubes, vacuum interrupters, and similar applications where metal-to-ceramic joints of exceptional strength and hermeticity are required. Each of our high-purity aluminas exhibit excellent material properties including:

  • Great mechanical strength
  • Excellent wear resistance
  • Low thermal expansion
  • High operating temperatures
  • Electrically insulating


Why CoorsTek

CoorsTek is one of few premium components providers due to our:

  • Commitment to quality- manufacturing components from raw materials
  • Capacity for large components- specialized equipment for producing oversized ceramic components
  • Capability for creating customized solutions- offering a large range of forming and finishing processes Learn More


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