Precision Fixed Gauges

CeraCheck® Precision Fixed Ceramic Gauges

CoorsTek offers a full line of precision measurement instruments for machine setup and calibration. Extremely durable and stable, CeraCheck gauges are built for years of reliable calibration life and provide consistent and accurate measurements — time after time. 

CeraCheck instruments are made of advanced technical ceramics, providing a lightweight alternative to conventional unwieldy granite or steel instruments. CeraCheck precision measurement instruments are one-half the weight of steel, and one-third the weight of granite, so lifting, handling, and transporting are a one person task.

The advanced alumina (aluminum oxide) material is completely non-porous and inert, eliminating moisture absorption and corrosion which can cause dimension variation and inaccurate readings. Because of this, CeraCheck offers superior hardness, excellent dimensional stability, and the best stiffness-to-weight ratio of competitive materials. 

CeraCheck products are available in the following standard shapes:

  • Master squares
  • Surface plates
  • Parallels and sets
  • Straight edges

If one of our standard shapes doesn’t meet your needs, CoorsTek will design and manufacture custom gauges to your specifications.

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