Structural Ceramics for Metrology

Structural Ceramics for Metrology & Precision Measurement Machine Components

CoorsTek offers a full line of air bearing guideway components, and structural components and beams for precision measurement. High specific stiffness and excellent thermal stability make our ceramic beams and stage components ideal for coordinate measurement machines, semiconductor lithography and wafer inspection, flat panel display processing, and high-speed electronics assembly applications. 

Improve Machine Performance
Isostatically pressed hollow-beam designs permit increased speeds due to higher stiffness and lighter weights. Our high-purity ceramic materials exhibit extremely low expansion properties — providing exceptional stability for greater accuracy over a wide range of operating temperatures.

Improve Machine Reliability
With extreme hardness, elasticity, and low reactivity, CoorsTek advanced ceramics are long life, low wear components which are highly resistant to moisture absorption, corrosion, fatigue, and creep.

Fabrication Options

  • Custom shapes, monolithic components & assembled structures
  • Hollow shapes minimize weight and ensure maximum stiffness
  • Large tooling inventories provide dimensional flexibility for designers
  • Assembled structures allow matching of critical tolerances and design flexibility.

Alumina structural beam for metrology applications.

Specific Stiffness
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion