Medical Device Components

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Your Partner of Choice for Medical Ceramics

Due to their uniquely customizable material properties, technical ceramics are ideal for producing components designed for medical equipment. CoorsTek CeraPure™ medical-grade, high-purity ceramics are designed to work well in medical applications requiring high-strength, resistance to thermal shock, biocompatibility, high-temperature electrical resistivity, and superior chemical resistance.

Utilizing the combination of our materials and our manufacturing techniques including Ceramic Injection Molding for cost-efficient volume production of tight-tolerance components, our engineers excel at working with you to find the optimal solution for your specific application.

Learn more about how CoorsTek tools and expertise enhance patient care utilizing the benefits of technical ceramics for the medical equipment below:

Fluid Management

Complex and reliable fluid handling systems are needed to measure, monitor, and control fluids. Technical ceramic components are used in many medical fluid management applications including dialysis, blood management, and handling of maintenance and replacement fluids due to their bioinert material, corrosion resistance, thermal stability, and wear resistance. Read more >> 


Medical Imaging

Technical ceramic components are increasingly important in medical device applications thanks to their specialized properties, such as heat resistance, mechanical strength, and electrical insulation. These properties, combined with CoorsTek metallizing, brazing, and metal-to-ceramic joining capabilities provide reliable x-ray tubes and assemblies for medical imaging applications. Read more >> 


Electrosurgical Instruments

CoorsTek provides USP Class VI compliant technical ceramic components and subassembly services for electrosurgical instrument applications.  Read more >> 


Cutting Instruments

Fine-grained technical ceramics are ideal for cutting tools. CoorsTek ceramic cutting components are wear-resistant, high-performance, and long-life alternatives for traditional stainless steel and tungsten carbide components for medical cutting instruments. Read more >>



High-purity Yttrium Aluminum Garnet (YAG) laser crystals have excellent optical properties, offering substantial laser performance for optoelectronic and dermatological applications. Read more >>



Alumina is the material of choice for most ceramic substrates delivering durable and cost-effective performance for hybrid electronic circuits with proven reliability for medical equipment. CoorsTek has engineered different grades, formulations, and thicknesses to provide an optimal fit for a variety of applications. 

Read more about our Thin-Film and Thick-Film electronic substrates.



Substrates and valve washers are the primary CoorsTek technical ceramic components for ventilators. Their chemical, electrical, mechanical, and thermal property advantages are all utilized in these essential life-saving machines for hospitals.


Robotics & Digital

Medical robotics have become more and more commonplace in the operating room. CoorsTek technical ceramics are a key component in sensors. Our precise metering capabilities enable robotic arms and precise dosing equipment.  Read more >>



Looking for more information on the properties of technical ceramics? Download our eBook Ceramics: The Powerhouse of Advanced Materials for data, charts, and more.


Bioceramic Implant Components

Learn more about CoorsTek Bioceramics here.Medical ceramic hip implant component.

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