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Technical ceramics' heat resistance, mechanical strength, and electrical insulation, along with CoorsTek manufacturing capabilities provide reliable x-ray tubes and assemblies for medical imaging. Advanced ceramic materials offer robust dielectric strength and electrical resistivity for high power demands.

CoorsTek combines its technical ceramics expertise with comprehensive metallizing, brazing, and metal-to-ceramic joining capabilities to provide reliable x-ray tubes and medical imaging components. Our brazing and joining experts help you select the most effective and cost-efficient method and material for your tubes and components.


  • Dielectric strength performance
  • High metallization tensile strength



Scintillators for medical imaging play a major role for high energy radiation detection in PET scanners and light conversion in CT Scanners.

For x-ray tubes and custom imaging components, CoorsTek is vertically integrated from powder to coating, supporting customer-specified, custom designs.

Stock photo of an x-ray machine.

CoorsTek Materials

Our CeraPure™ high purity ceramics provide many essential advantages for medical imaging devices including high-strength, resistance to thermal shock, high-temperature electrical resistivity, and superior chemical resistance.

Alumina (aluminum oxide, Al2O3) technical ceramics are commonly used due to their generally useful properties and good price/performance ratio. Alumina ceramics are commonly subdivided according to their alumina content ranging from 80% to more than 99%. Higher purity alumina demonstrates enhanced wear and corrosion resistance — creating a continuous scale of various alumina grades, compositions, and performance.

CoorsTek Manufacturing Capabilities for Medical Imaging

ArcResist Coating is a dissipative coating for high voltage applications.

Metallizing provides the surface preparation for attaching ceramic to a metal component

Brazing attaches ceramic to metal using a braze alloy by heating all three materials (ceramic, metal, braze alloy) to create a hermetic seal.

Ceramic micro injection molding eliminates the need for secondary operations normally required to produce complex geometrical shapes. The more complex the shape, the more advantageous injection molding will be over other fabrication methods.

X-ray tube.

Additional CoorsTek Medical Capabilities

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