Ceramic Components for Metal & Dielectric Film Deposition

Plate heater for semiconductor deposition.

Semiconductor deposition Processing

Semiconductor deposition processes use a combination of volatile precursor gases, plasma, and high temperature to layer high quality thin films onto wafers. Deposition chambers and wafer handling tools need durable ceramic components to stand up to these challenging environments.

CoorsTek provides custom engineered OEM components for:

  • Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD)
  • Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) 
  • Electrochemical Plating / Electrochemical Deposition (ECP, ECD)
  • Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD)

Deposition chamber Components

Everywhere process equipment is exposed to the harsh deposition conditions or contacts wafers needs the inert, durable properties of engineered ceramics.

  • Chamber lids (domes)
  • Chamber liners 
  • Deposition rings
  • Gas distribution plates (showerheads)
  • Pedestal heaters
  • Plating insulators
  • Vacuum break filters

Recommended Deposition Chamber Component Materials

CoorsTek uses a broad portfolio of semiconductor grade ceramics including:

Alumina chamber liner.

Chamber Domes & Liners

Chamber domes (sometimes referred to as lids) are used to create a clean, inert, and protected environment in deposition chambers. Chemical reactions inside the chamber deposit thin layers of metallic, dielectric, or semiconductive material onto the wafers.

Chamber lids and liners are exposed to plasma during deposition or etch processes — requiring a combination of high plasma durability, purity, and dielectric strength. High-purity alumina (Al2O3) and aluminum nitride (AlN) are frequently used to meet these equipment challenges.

Alumina deposition ring.

Deposition Rings

Rings cover the wafer edge and perimeter, protecting critical chamber components and extending their useful life. Since they are directly exposed to the deposition process, strong plasma durability and high purity are critical to final wafer yield.

Plate heater for semiconductor deposition.

Heater Plate

Heaters for deposition equipment demand uniform thermal distribution across the wafer, along with high purity and plasma resistance. CoorsTek heaters are engineered to specific OEM requirements for up to 300 mm wafer diameters. Aluminum nitride (AlN) is commonly used in these heaters based on its unique combination of high thermal conductivity and strong electrical resistance. 

Alumina plating insulator.

Plating Insulators

Ceramic plating insulators are used in electrochemical plating (ECP) and electrochemical deposition (ECD) processes, providing strong electrical properties and chemical resistance.

Group of vacuum break filters.

Vacuum Break Filters

Vacuum break filters are diffusers used in deposition and other vacuum processes to enable quick, clean venting of vacuum chambers:

  • Reduce particle adders on wafers for higher yield
  • Speed chamber venting for higher throughput

CoorsTek vacuum break filters use porous alumina (Al2O3) and porous silicon carbide (SiC) ceramics specifically engineered for various types and sizes of vacuum chambers:

  • Tube type (for load-lock, transfer, and process chambers)
  • Disk type (for narrow space chambers)
  • Quartz type (for thermal processing and LPCVD chambers)