Diffusion & LPCVD Processing

Batch Diffusion & LPCVD Components

Traditional diffusion, LPCVD (Low Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition), and other batch semiconductor applications require the thermal and purity properties of advanced ceramics.

Engineered Ceramics Components

CoorsTek provides engineered ceramics components specifically designed for batch diffusion and LPCVD requirements including:  

Baffles & Holders

Ceramic baffles provide more complete mixing of reactant gases in process tubes and chambers, improving uniformity and device yields. 

silicon carbide diffusion baffle holder for semiconductor processing.


Ceramic injectors are designed to improve process uniformity around the perimeter of process chambers by delivering a controlled velocity and amount of gas. Advanced ceramics combine high-temperature stability and corrosion resistance for long-term performance and durability in injector applications.

Silicon carbide dual injector for diffusion and LPCVD processing.

Liners & Process Tubes

Process tubes are used in the reaction zones of semiconductor furnaces - requiring high purity and thermal stability. Some processing equipment uses liners within the process tubes. Smaller, traditional process tubes typically use quartz. Larger, higher performance tubes frequently use high-performance silicon carbide (SiC) with superior strength, rigidity, and durability. 

Schematic of a process tube using CoorsTek advanced materials.


Cantilever paddles are used to position semiconductor wafer "boats" or carriers within process tubes, furnace reactors, and other thermal systems. Ceramic cantilever paddles insert and withdraw wafer carriers in process tubes with support only at one end. Longer paddles support higher wafer throughput in larger reactor, using ceramics such as silicon carbide (SiC) to provide the combination of high temperature strength, rigidity, and cleanliness required.

Diffusion paddle boat made of siliconized silicon carbide.

Wafer BOATS & Pedestals

CoorsTek provides wafer boats, pedestals, and custom wafer carriers for both vertical / column and horizontal configurations. Advanced ceramics deliver excellent thermal resistance and plasma durability while mitigating particles and contaminants. Semiconductor-grade silicon carbide (SiC) also provides high-temperature strength for high-capacity wafer carriers.

Semiconductor wafer boat made of siliconized silicon carbide.

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Cleaning & Surface Preparation Manual for Silicon Carbide Semiconductor Components

Cleaning & Surface Preparation Manual for Silicon Carbide Semiconductor Components

You'll learn more about cleaning with...

  • Sequential steps & flow charts
  • Methods for initial clean, surface prep & maintenance
  • Details for different processes including oxidation and LPCVD nitride, poly, and TEOS
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