Ceramic Components for Plasma Etch Equipment

Advanced Ceramic Components

CoorsTek advanced, high-purity ceramic components are built to withstand the extreme environments in plasma etch (or "dry" etch) chambers — including vapor phase chemical etchants, high voltage RF (radio frequency) and microwave plasma, volatile byproducts, and aggressive cleaning cycles.

Etch Process Components

Minimize contamination and unscheduled maintenance with high- purity components engineered for the rigors of plasma etch processing, including:

Silicon carbide semiconductor edge ring.

Focus Rings

Focus/edge rings are designed to improve etch uniformity around the wafer edge or perimeter. When used with an electrostatic chuck (e-chuck), the wafer rests on the edge focus ring - held in place by the electrostatic charge.

Alumina nozzle for gas flow into an etch process chamber


Nozzles and injectors are designed for precise gas flow rate and uniform control to evenly disperse gases into the etch process chamber. These components require high plasma resistance, dielectric strength, and strong corrosion resistance to the process gases and byproducts.

Alumina window plasma etcher.

Windows / Lids

Windows are chamber lids designed to transmit RF (radio frequency) and microwave energy into the plasma etch chamber while resisting erosion from the harsh plasma etch environment. An effective window has a low loss tangent (high transmittance) across RF and microwave frequencies. Otherwise, energy may be absorbed and converted to excessive heat — degrading both the process (lost RF energy) and components (excess heat and thermal gradients).