General Applications & Wafer Handling

General Semiconductor Applications & Wafer Handling

Semiconductor Processing Components

CoorsTek is your partner for custom advanced ceramic components and assemblies to support higher throughput and better yields in your semiconductor processing equipment,

Our materials experts are ready to work with you to develop the optimal right solution for your wafer handling, heating, and processing requirements. 

Made from Quality Engineered Ceramics

Engineered ceramics make semiconductor components cleaner, more durable, more effective. Let us help you choose the best semiconductor-grade material for your application:

Alumina end effector blade for semiconductor wafer handling.

End Effectors

End effectors, also referred to as semiconductor handling "blades", are the robot's hand to handle and move semiconductor wafers between positions. So end effectors must be dimensionally precise and thermally stable, while having a smooth, abrasion-resistant surface to safely handle wafers without producing particulate contamination. In some cases, ESD-safe ceramics are used to prevent static buildup on the wafer surface. 

Technical ceramic semiconductor-grade QCH heater.

Heaters & Heating Components

CoorsTek assembles a variety of semiconductor-grade, ceramic heaters and components including:

  • Aluminum nitride (AlN) heaters
  • Quartz & Quartz-carbon heaters
  • Silicon nitride (Si3N4) heaters

Silicon carbide lift pins.

Lift Pins

Lift pins are used in assemblies to lift and move wafers through semiconductor processing positions. Since they are exposed to chamber or other processing conditions, they require robust thermal stability and corrosion resistance.

group of vacuum break filters for semiconductor applications.

Vacuum Break Filters

Vacuum break filters are used in vacuum process equipment to speed the venting of vacuum chambers and reduce particle adders on wafers — resulting in higher yields and throughput. CoorsTek vacuum break filters use porous ceramics specifically engineered for various types and sizes of vacuum chambers.

Susceptor assembly for semiconductor applications.

Custom Components & Assemblies

From advanced technical ceramic materials to precision assembly and cleanroom packaging, CoorsTek has the capabilities for your next project. We collaborate with you to engineer specialized components, assemblies, and semiconductor quality processes. Contact CoorsTek to discuss your application.