High Temp Processing

Ceramic Components for High-Temperature Semiconductor Processing

Technical ceramic focus ring susceptor for high temperature processing.

Rapid Thermal Processing & Epitaxial Process Components

Technical ceramics are a natural choice for semiconductor thermal processing applications including RTP (Rapid Thermal Processing), Epi (Epitaxial), diffusion, oxidation, and annealing. CoorsTek provides advanced material components specifically designed to withstand thermal shocks with high-purity, sturdy, repeatable performance for high-temperature, processes including:

CoorsTek delivers expert material and design assistance to engineer custom components for all kinds of thermal processing - with materials that can withstand the thermal shock and rigors of the environment. Here are some examples of semiconductor thermal processing components that benefit from the use of engineered ceramics:

 Recommended RTP & EPI Materials

Technical ceramic arc resistant disc for high temperature processing.



Ceramic insulators combine strong dielectric properties with thermal stability and corrosion resistance.

ceramic susceptor for high temperature semiconductor processing.


Susceptors hold and heat semiconductor wafers during thermal processing. A susceptor is made of a material which absorbs energy  by induction, conduction, and/or radiation and heats the wafer. Its thermal shock resistance, thermal conductivity, and purity are critical to rapid thermal processing (RTP). Silicon carbide coated graphite, silicon carbide (SiC), and silicon (Si) are commonly used for susceptors depending on the specific thermal and chemical environment. PureSiC® CVD SiC and ClearCarbon™ ultra-pure material which delivers superior thermal stability, corrosion resistance, and durability.