Lithography & Wafer Inspection

Porous alumina ceramic chuck.

Ceramic Components for Lithography & Wafer Inspection

Perfect for next-generation lithography and wafer-handling applications, our ultra-pure ceramic components ensure minimal contamination and provide exceptionally long life performance.

Lithography & Wafer Inspection Components

Resistant to chemical attack and thermally stable, our high-purity ceramic components are ideal for lithography processing, wafer handling (low contamination), and wafer inspection (extreme durability and hardness, dimensionally stable). Applications include:

Synthetic silica glass photomask substrate.

Photomask Substrates

CoorsTek photomask substrates are made from high-purity synthetic quartz glass to deliver superior UV and visible light transmittance, thermal stability, electrical insulation, low birefringence, and durable chemical stability. Advanced, scalable polishing technology makes these photomask substrates ideal for microscopic patterning from wafers to large flat panel displays (FPD). 

Silicon carbide vacuum wafer chucks.

Wafer Chucks

Our ultra-flat ceramic vacuum wafer chucks, stepper chucks, porous chucks, and electrostatic chucks improve yield management for semiconductor wafer processing. Low-surface-contact configurations minimize the risk of back-side particles for sensitive applications. Our wafer chucks provide:

  • Ultra-flat capabilities
  • Mirror polish
  • Exceptional light weight
  • High stiffness
  • Low thermal expansion
  • Φ 300 mm diameter and beyond
  • Extreme wear resistance

Silicon carbide wafer chuck.

Wafer Stage Components & Tables

Precision ceramic components improve durability and handling of wafer stages and tables used during inspection and processing. CoorsTek components and tables provide precise dimensional stability, ultra-flatness and smoothness, and vacuum holding of wafers during inspection and processing. Low-surface-contact features minimize back-side particles.