Wafer Planarization (CMP)

Durable Chemical Mechanical Polishing Tables & Plates

Sintered silicon carbide CMP plate.

Chemical Mechanical Planarization (CMP) wafer polishing tables and plates require strong abrasion, corrosion resistance, and extreme stiffness to produce pristine flat, polished surfaces. CoorsTek CeraSiC™ and UltraSiC™ Direct Sintered Silicon Carbide (SiC) components deliver this high performance for CMP polishing tables, plates, and other critical components for semiconductor and flat panel display applications.

Custom channels and features are also available, as shown in the temperature-controllable CMP polishing table here. Uniform temperature and processing conditions are critical to minimizing intra-wafer and wafer-to-wafer variation. 

When the highest purity components are required, PureSiC CVD silicon carbide coatings are available.

  • Strong abrasion resistance
  • Superior stiffness
  • Chemical corrosion resistance
  • Extreme surface flatness
  • Surface uniformity

Example Materials