Aluminum Nitride

Family Overview

Aluminum Nitrides (AlN) combine high thermal conductivity with strong electrical resistance, making AlN an excellent solution for many electronic applications. Unlike most electrically insulative materials — which are often also thermally insulative — AlN allows electrical systems to dissipate heat quickly in order to maintain maximum efficiency.

  • Thermally stable
  • Electrical resistivity 

Hot Pressed Aluminum Nitride

Hot pressed aluminum nitride (AlN) is used in applications requiring high electrical resistivity in additional to exceptional thermal conductivity. The applications for hot pressed AlN typically involve rigorous or abrasive environments and high-temperature thermal cycling.

Direct Sintered Aluminum Nitride

Direct sintered aluminum nitride is used in applications requiring high thermal conductivity and electrical resistivity with extreme temperature fluctuation, like high-intensity discharge lighting.

Ceramics Expertise

CoorsTek engineers our aluminum nitrides to meet our customers' specifications. Our application-specific formulations combined with over a century of experience mean we can help you find the optimal ceramic material for your application.


Download the Aluminum Nitride Technical Data Sheet

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Properties Units AlN 180 AlN-HP AlN-HTC
Density g/cm³ 3.30 3.25 3.30

4-PT Flexural Strength (MOR)
(20° C)

(psi x 10³)
300 365 375
Young's Modulus
(20° C)
(psi x 106)
310 276 330
Compressive Strength
(20° C)

(psi x 10³)

Fracture Toughness
(K(I c))
MPa m1/2 3.03 3.25
Thermal Conductivity
(20° C)
W/m 180 80 150 - 170
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion
1x10-6/°C 5.6 5.5 5.5
Specific Heat
(100° C)
J/kg*K 738 705 705
Dielectric Strength
(ac V/mil)
20 16
Dielectric Constant
(1 MHz)
25° C 8.6 8.5 9.05
Dielectric Loss (tan delta)
(1 MHz 25° C)
25° C 0.0003 0.0005 0.0077
Volume Resistivity
(25° C)
ohm-cm >1012 >1013 >1014