Electrostatic Discharge-Safe Ceramics

ESD Safe Ceramics overview

CoorsTek has developed electrostatic discharge-safe (ESD-safe) materials to protect sensitive components from static electricity buildup.

StatSafe™ ceramics have been developed specifically to protect sensitive microelectronic components from electrostatic discharge, with volume resistivity that permits bleed off of accumulated static charge in wafer processing equipment.

Because StatSafe was engineered as a monolithic material and not a surface coating, concerns of spalling and shedding are mitigated, and products can be laser marked and machined to precise tolerances (up to 500mm diameter x 25mm thick). The monolithic material also allows a cost-effective approach to product design, as secondary coating and thermal processing are not required. 

The key to the performance of StatSafe is its engineered, multiphase microstructure. By starting with the proven foundation of a semiconductor-grade aluminum oxide, CoorsTek has developed a formulation yielding an in-situ formed conductive phase. The result is a material that demonstrates exceptional stiffness, excellent static-dissipation characteristics, superior surface-finish capabilities (0.3 µm), and outstanding dimensional stability.

StatSafe Applications Include:

ESD Safe Coatings

ArcResist™ is a proprietary coating designed by CoorsTek to change the electrical properties of ceramic components only where it is needed most – the surface. This coating makes it possible to change the surface properties without compromising bulk properties. ArcResist retains the intrinsic insulating and mechanical bulk properties of high alumina compositions, while offering tailorable dissipative or conductive properties warranted by the application. Learn more >>

Image of Statsafe Microstructure Under Telescope


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