ArcResist Protective Coating

ESD Protection

Electrostatic discharge can be a significant threat to electronic components, equipment, and personnel. To avoid the deleterious effects of ESD, treating the surface of ceramic components with a dissipative coating will slowly conduct static charges away.

ArcResist is a proprietary coating designed to change the electrical properties of ceramic components only where it is needed most – the surface. This coating makes it possible to change the surface properties without compromising bulk properties. 

ArcResist retains the intrinsic insulating and mechanical bulk properties of high alumina compositions, while offering tailorable dissipative or conductive properties warranted by the application. Unlike a purely insulating surface on which deposited charges accumulate, ArcResist spreads these deposited charges over a larger area—allowing a gentle bleed-off of surface charge to ground while maintaining the integrity of your component design.

Applications Include:

  • Critical electron guns (electron emitters)
  • X-ray/XRF/XRD
  • End effectors
  • ESD critical applications


Prevent Secondary Electron Build-Up

ArcResist Coating on a ceramic component

When materials are bombarded by electrons—as in an electrical vacuum device—secondary electrons (delta rays) can be emitted from the atomic collisions caused by the incident beam. These charges accumulate on the surface of an insulator, forming an easy pathway for an electrical arc. ArcResist creates a means to shed these electrons, helping to avoid the loss of product due to surface arcing.

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