Family Overview

Silicate ceramics, the oldest family of ceramics, are multi-phase materials developed from natural silicate sources such as clay, kaolin, feldspar, and soapstone. Today’s silicates — including cordierite, forsterite, mullite, steatite, and technical porcelain — evolved from traditional ceramics and are useful for cost-effective technical applications such as electrical insulators and chemical labware. Skip to material property data >>



Cordierite combines great thermal shock properties, low thermal expansion rate, and good electrical insulation. It is an excellent fit for inexpensive insulators used in manufacturing and durable goods.

Example Applications:

  • Household appliances
  • Electrical insulators

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Forsterite is used in electronics, often as silicate substrates, because of its good electrical and dielectric properties. 

Example Applications:

  • Sensors
  • Electrical substrates

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Mullite has excellent thermal shock resistance and dielectric strength, making it ideal for electronic components for manufacturing purposes.

Example Applications:

  • Ceramic tubes
  • Metal foundry filters

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As the company's longest running line of technical ceramics, CoorsTek chemical and scientific labware has become an industry standard. After glazing, CoorsTek porcelain labware resists corrosion and demonstrates superior thermal properties. Search the CoorsTek Labware Store to find the right piece of equipment for you. 

Example Applications:

  • Chemical & scientific labware
  • Electrical insulators

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Steatite is used in electronic components and manufacturing processes. Its low dielectric loss combined with a high dielectric strength make it an excellent inexpensive component for electronics and manufacturing processes. 

Example Applications:

  • Traditional electrical insulators
  • Fuses

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