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Silicon Carbide

Silicon Carbide Overview

Family Overview

Silicon Carbides (SiC) exhibit characteristically high hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and strength — even at high temperatures. CoorsTek has engineered a variety of silicon carbide processes and compositions which deliver properties and features optimized for specific application requirements including:

Electrical resistivity: Careful manufacturing control can “tune” the volumetric resistivity.

Lubrication: Certain formulations have graphite embedded into the grain structure for lubrication in exchange for slightly lower flexural strength.

High purity: CoorsTek PureSiC® CVD Silicon Carbide uses chemical vapor deposition (CVD) to produce ultra- pure (>99.9995%) ceramic parts and coatings.

CoorsTek UltraClean™ Siliconized Silicon Carbide (Si:SiC) is a unique silicon carbide in which metallic silicon (Si) infiltrates spaces between the grains ─ allowing extremely tight tolerances even for large parts.  Siliconized silicon carbide is ideal for high-stress applications which require great mechanical strength along with excellent corrosion and wear resistance.

  • Hardness
  • Mechanical strength
  • Variable electrical resistivity
  • Distinct properties that can be tailored


Ceramic Expertise

CoorsTek formulates its ceramics to maximize their unique material properties. This includes optimizing the grain size through precise grain structure control.

Our experts can utilize different manufacturing controls, like Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) or recrystallization, to manufacture the optimal material for the application.

Brochure Downloads

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