Transparent & Translucent Materials

High Purity Transparent & Translucent Ceramics

CoorsTek uses its deep expertise in translucent and transparent ceramics to produce tens of millions of these ceramic components each year.

Translucent and transparent ceramics have a higher thermal resistance than glass or resin, and they are stronger and harder. Their unique combination of wear resistance, high strength, and corrosion resistance enable transparent ceramics to outperform traditional glass in high-stress environments, with exceptional clarity and stability.


CoorsTek manufactures translucent/transparent polycrystalline aluminas for applications in extreme temperature and corrosion environments. Through careful compositional and process control, CoorsTek can also add optical functionality such as wavelength conversion. 

Example Applications

  • High-Intensity Discharge (HID) lighting
  • Semiconductor processing
  • Transparent armor
  • LiDAR

Example Materials

Transparent light bulbs made with technical ceramics.