Tungsten Carbide

Family Overview

Tungsten Carbide (WC) is a tough, high-density ceramic often used in severe service applications. Tungsten carbides are commonly known for use in high-quality tooling inserts. Due to its high-temperature tolerance, stiffness, hardness, and flexural strength allow tungsten carbide is also used in other harsh applications like mechanical seals and downhole drilling components.

  • Outstanding mechanical properties
  • High thermal conductivity


Bonded Tungsten Carbide

Tungsten carbide bonded to nickel or cobalt is used for its good mechanical properties and excellent thermal conductivity allowing for reduced heat generation and longer running time.

Hot Pressed Tungsten Carbide

Hot pressed tungsten carbide has a fine-grained structure which enables its use in rigorous environments requiring an increased fracture toughness and hardness on top of the inherent high-strength of tungsten carbide.

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Properties Units Bonded
Tungsten Carbide
Hot Pressed
Tungsten Carbide
Flexural Strength, MOR (20 °C) MPa 1550 - 2330 900
Fracture Toughness, KIc MPa m1/2 1.0 - 6.0 7.0

Thermal Conductivity (20 °C)

W/m K 1.4 - 100
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 1x10-6/°C 5.1 - 5.9 5.1
Maximum Use Temperature °C 1000
Dielectric Strength (6.35mm) ac-kV/mm
Dielectric Loss (tan δ) 1MHz, 25 °C
Volume Resistivity (25°C) Ω-cm <103