A Moment of Reflection

January 07 2021

This morning our hearts are heavy reflecting on yesterday’s sad and unprecedented events in Washington D.C. A bright light is now shining on the fact that we as Americans have allowed debate and disagreement to be replaced with anger and mistrust. 

The great tragedy is that anger and frustration was put into action by attacking the very institution built to give voice to the voiceless. We cannot let the events of yesterday further drive a wedge between us and become the norm. We must be better!  

It begins with self-reflection. What do I believe about the people I disagree with? Here at CoorsTek we value the inherent worth and dignity of every individual. This is not just a sign on the wall or a slide in a PowerPoint. It is universally true and must be how we live and interact with each other.

This means we bring an attitude of mutual respect and goodwill into our discussions. It is lazy to mischaracterize, label “the other side” as evil or ignorant, and retreat to tribes who agree with us. 

This unfortunately is made worse by an isolating pandemic. Social media is equally isolating, acting as a cheap imitation to real human connection - one that preys on our instincts rather an elevating us to the better angels of our nature.

Leadership and character, something demanded of us in this hour, means listening and seeking to understand people who are different from us. When we act on what is true – that every individual, including and especially those we disagree with – really has intrinsic value – we can’t help but let our guard down, drop the labels and build a bond of mutual respect that is the very bedrock of our society. 

"We cannot let the events of yesterday further drive a wedge between us and become the norm. We must be better!" 

Jonathan Coors
Michael Coors
Timothy Coors

This is a time when actions speak louder than words. Take a quick look at The CoorsTek Way language we have created. “We…” and then an action verb. CoorsTek is full of leaders committed to action, and our communities are divided and hurting right now. Be the leaders in your communities that we know you are. Be the one to take the first step, to make the first phone call, to extend peace to your neighbor, to reconcile if you have wronged and to begin rebuilding our shared communities. What makes us great is not given to us by government, it doesn’t come from our tribe, it comes from inside each of us.

Jonathan Coors; Co-CEO, CoorsTek
Michael Coors; Co-CEO, CoorsTek
Timothy Coors; Co-CEO, CoorsTek



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