CoorsTek & Ceramatec Develop Silicon Carbide Joints for Thermo-Mechanically Stable Assemblies

October 25 2012

All-new proprietary material and process exceeds performance of traditional brazes, adhesives, and bolt-together joining assemblies and rivals the strength of monolithic components

CoorsTek & Ceramatec Develop SiC Joints for Thermo-Mechanically Stable Assemblies

ASPE Annual Meeting, San Diego, California, October 22, 2012 – CoorsTek, Inc., a large technical ceramics manufacturer, and Ceramatec, Inc. a technical ceramics research and development company and subsidiary of CoorsTek, today introduced a new silicon carbide joining technology for improved strength and thermal stability for assemblies of ceramic components – this technology enables solutions when monolithic ceramic are impossible to produce because of size or complexity.

This new joining technology enables the manufacture of multi-component ceramic arrays into reliable, high-strength systems. Testing has shown these joints retain strength and hermeticity even when exposed to high temperatures, thermal cycling, and various chemical environments. Metrology, precision optics, focal plane arrays, and wafer handling industries are among the current applications.

“Some designs are simply too large, complex, or expensive to produce a monolithic silicon carbide component,” states Merrill Wilson, Senior Engineer at Ceramatec, Inc. “This new joining technology essentially overcomes this barrier and enables manufacturing of critical-duty components,” he continues.

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Established in 1910, CoorsTek is the largest technical ceramics manufacturer in the world with over 40 manufacturing facilities worldwide. CoorsTek supplies critical components and complete assemblies for armor, oil and gas, semiconductor, aerospace, electronic, power generation, aerospace, automotive, telecommunication, and other high-technology applications. Utilizing advanced material technologies, the company’s engineered solutions enable its customers’ products to overcome technological barriers and improve performance. For more information, please visit

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Ceramatec provides engineering solutions to some of today's most vexing challenges through advanced, hybrid ceramic materials. They are internationally known for the extensive list of accomplishments, patents, publications and collaborations. For more information, please visit