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CoorsTek Supports Integrated Industry at Hannover Messe

January 21 2019


Golden, Colorado, USA ─ CoorsTek, a world’s leading technical ceramics manufacturer, brings its company’s vision “Make the world measurably better” to life with several new developments to support the growing semiconductor industry. CoorsTek, with its deep expertise and  broad offering of ultra-pure materials and custom components used in electronics and semiconductor processing, will present the latest developments in technical ceramics at the Hannover Messe 2019 press preview.

We are pleased to support the semiconductor industry and its new requirements for energy-efficient sensing, automated devices, robotics and artificial intelligence,” said Andreas Schneider, Executive Vice President, Europe. “Our technical ceramics components are engineered to support virtually every step of the semiconductor manufacturing process – improving yields, increasing throughput and enabling smarter devices. This in turn enhances our customers’ competitive advantage and drives growth.” 

CoorsTek will present the following new developments and investments for ceramic semiconductor components:


New shaping method for more complex semiconductor component features

CoorsTek is currently developing an unconventional shaping method to produce components with more complex features to support the industry’s growing need for bigger and more complex semiconductor components. These new molding and pressing technologies are easily scalable and ideal to support the semiconductor industry. The new CoorsTek shaping method allows customers to quickly adapt both their part design and production volumes according to the market needs.


More design freedom with advanced molding technologies for ceramic semiconductor components

CoorsTek recently developed molding methods allowing manufacturers to design parts with more complexity and additional features. This technology enables product designers to integrate multiple functions and decrease the number of components reducing manufacturing assembly phases and time-to-market.


CoorsTek investing in additional semiconductor capacity

More sophisticated semiconductor systems are demanded to fulfill growing needs for bigger data collection, data storage, and memory. CoorsTek is investing in its manufacturing sites and resources to meet the growing needs for high-purity alumina oxide semiconductor components in the US, Europe, and Asia. The Gumi, Korea facility expansion is the biggest coordinated expansion of operations in CoorsTek history, increasing the manufacturing capacity of the facility to over 9,000 sqm.  

In addition, CoorsTek’s latest developments will help the automotive industry to drive performance and sustainability with the following new materials:


Ceramic membranes for simpler, cleaner hydrogen production for automotive fueling

Natural gas makes up a large portion of the world’s hydrocarbon resources, but much of it is stranded without economically viable paths to market. The CoorsTek active ceramic membrane one-step conversion process enables cleaner, simpler and less expensive conversion of natural gas to fuels and chemicals than existing chemical processing technologies. CoorsTek membrane conversion process makes the production of hydrogen from abundant, low-cost natural gas so efficient that it has the potential to make hydrogen production a cleaner and more economical option for automotive fueling.

Electric cars – technical ceramic components for faster battery cooling time

Electric vehicles form an increasing segment of the automotive market away from vehicles powered by internal combustion engines. The ongoing material development at CoorsTek and the many possibilities offered by technical ceramics enable new battery technologies with improved thermal heat management.


About CoorsTek

CoorsTek is a leading global supplier of technical ceramics and the partner of choice for technology and manufacturing companies worldwide. With unsurpassed materials expertise, vertically integrated manufacturing, and over 30 facilities across three continents, CoorsTek provides amazing solutions to complex technical challenges in virtually every industry in the global marketplace. 

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