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Reshaping the Possible: Bringing Technical Ceramics to the EV/Hybrid Market

September 10 2019

CoorsTek to Convey Unique Benefits of Technical Ceramics for Automotive Applications at the Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo 2019

Golden, CO – CoorsTek, a leading global manufacturer of technical ceramics will be showcasing the unique benefits of technical ceramics at the Electric & Hybrid Technology Expo 2019 (EVT19) held September 10-12 in Novi, MI. Experts will be available in Booth 1161 to discuss engineering challenges manufacturers and designers face, showing how technical ceramic components are reshaping what’s possible in EV and hybrid systems.

Image of a car driving.Technical ceramics are highly engineered materials that can advance electric and hybrid vehicle technologies by improving the functional performance of the systems they go into – extending system life, increasing safety, and extending range. A premium ceramic formulation can outperform polymers and metals in these systems.

CoorsTek will join over 8,500 industry professionals dedicated to advancing automotive technologies, with a focus on automotive components, battery components, battery management systems, drivetrain, motors and controllers, and charging infrastructure.

Electric and Hybrid Technology Expo LogoOn display will be a broad range of components and capabilities for battery electric, hybrid, and other automotive applications, including technical ceramic substrates for high-power electronics. With superior mechanical properties, ceramic substrates improve safety and performance in electronic systems placed in harsh environments. Other components on display will be ceramic sensor components, substrates for high-power LEDs, Cerbec® silicon nitride rolling elements, and much more.

“Technical ceramic components are highly reliable in extreme duty applications to last (or outlast) the lifetime of the equipment, making them nearly essential to hybrid and electric vehicles,” said Dave Blaszczak, Global Sales Director for CoorsTek Automotive. “Further, our products are infinitely customizable, providing our customers with unique capabilities.”

CoorsTek works directly with customers to select the ideal materials and manufacturing processes for custom components. With over 300 proprietary material formulations, numerous process capabilities and a global footprint, CoorsTek offers high value, precision production.

Visit the CoorsTek EV/Hybrid Expo 2019 page at to learn more about the event and to receive a free expo pass.

About CoorsTek :
CoorsTek is a leading global supplier of technical ceramics and the partner of choice for technology and manufacturing companies worldwide. With unsurpassed materials expertise, vertically integrated manufacturing, and over 30 facilities across three continents, CoorsTek provides amazing solutions to complex technical challenges in virtually every industry in the global marketplace.

Media Contact:
Megan Maguire | CoorsTek
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Air Conditioning Sensors
Polished substrates for air conditioning sensors.
Air conditioning sensor components made with technical ceramics deliver reliable results, extreme durability, and able to withstand tough environments for prolonged periods and cycles.
Download | Component Page

Cerbec® Silicon Nitride Rolling Elements
Cerbec silicon nitride roller bearing element
Cerbec® silicon nitride rolling element that outperforms traditional elements made of steel. Tailored material properties and finishing maximize the benefits of using technical ceramics.
Image Download | Component Page

Oxygen Sensor Components
Automotive oxygen sensor components made with CoorsTek technical ceramics.
Automotive sensor components are made with technical ceramics to ensure oxygen sensors have exceptional durability to withstand demanding automotive applications, including environments requiring high-performance oxygen ionic conductivity and thermal shock resistance.
Image Download | Component Page

Pressure & Temperature Components
Automotive technical ceramics sensor components for use in pressure and temperature sensors.
Pictured Above: Fluid pressure and temperature components using technical ceramics for use in fuel pump pressure, oil pressure, exhaust gas temperature sensors, and more. 
Image Download | Component Page

Substrates for LEDs (Thick-Film)
Thick film substrates made with CoorsTek technical ceramics.
Pictured Above: CoorsTek thick-film substrates, made with technical ceramics, deliver durable, cost-effective performance for hybrid electronic circuits with proven reliability.
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