Products & Applications

For over a century, CoorsTek has been at the pioneered the development of technical ceramics. Utilizing over 400 proprietary advanced ceramic formulations, we produce custom components and products for numerous industries. With unparalleled materials expertise, dedication to research and development, and a vast array of manufacturing processes, we partner with our customers to make industry-leading technical ceramic components.

See below for a list of products and common form factors we produce for numerous industries:


Aerospace & Defense

CoorsTek provides specialized mission-critical components for a wide variety of aerospace and defense applications by supplying advanced technical ceramics engineered for critical-duty applications. Each of our aerospace, defense, optics, imaging, propulsion, and propulsion control components are designed and manufactured to be reliable, exceptionally strong, and lightweight, protecting and enabling the men and women serving our country. 

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Automotive & Transportation

The automotive and transportation landscape is changing rapidly. From autonomous technologies to electric and advanced fueling systems to car sharing and connected mobility, transportation systems of the future will require new and innovative technologies, materials, and designs. Systems will run hotter, longer, and have more electrical and wireless connections. 

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Involved in chemical handling for over 100 years, CoorsTek chemically inert ceramics exhibit excellent corrosion resistance and durability. CoorsTek provides high-quality components and media to meet the rigors of chemical processing. We manufacture components from corrosion-resistant materials for a variety of advanced chemical processing needs.  

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Consumer & Household

Designed for daily use, CoorsTek custom components for consumer and household durables are designed to provide a long life of consistent performance. We offer a large range of custom household products that take advantage of the unique properties of advanced technical ceramics, including high operating temperatures, high strength, low porosity, electrical insulation, corrosion and wear resistance.  

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Engineered ceramics have long been used in electronics. CoorsTek provides reliable components for communications and computer equipment with custom engineered solutions for a variety of computer, telecom, cellular and microwave devices. As a leader in precision ceramic sensor components, CoorsTek works closely with OEMs and their suppliers to create the best design, processes, and services needed for client success. 

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CoorsTek directly engages in enabling multiple energy solutions, helping to bring power to under-served regions and reducing emissions where needed. In the quest for cleaner energy, we supply critical components for solar and wind energy production, as well as advances in nuclear fusion. Our industry-leading technologies and innovations in advanced materials enable energy solutions all over the world.

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Equipment & Machinery

From Precision Measurements to Industrial scale production, CoorsTek provides long-wearing and high precision components for machinery and equipment. Our range of expertise in the equipment and machinery industry lies within building and manufacturing, emissions control, and wire and cable arenas.

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Food & Agriculture

CoorsTek manufactures a variety of high-performance components and products for the agricultural and food industries, including can tooling components, hex tile mats for grain handling applications, and NSF-certified components for food processing and beverage handling equipment. Find out how CoorsTek can help your company.

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Technical ceramic materials are inherently biocompatible, making them ideal for both in vitro and in vivo use in medical devices and surgical implants. Additionally, technical ceramic materials are unique in that they can be customized to meet the specific material requirements for numerous medical and surgical applications, including high-strength, low-weight, corrosion resistance, electrical resistivity, RF transparency, and more.

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CoorsTek is your partner for enabling innovations in semiconductor processing. Our broad portfolio of semiconductor grade materials, component production capabilities, and application engineering services help you solve big challenges. Engineered technical ceramics are used in the semiconductor industry because of their excellent material properties. Our ultra-pure ceramics are often used in the whole cycle of semiconductor manufacturing and semiconductor fabrication.

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