Bushings and Sleeves

Technical Ceramic Bushings and Sleeves for Electric Submersible Pump Systems

Electric Submersible Pumps (ESPs) are multistage centrifugal pumps that provide artificial lift in oil wells. Most surfaces of these types of pumps are directly exposed to production fluids. In today’s shale oil wells, gas slugging and high solids rates create challenging conditions for Bushing and Sleeve bearing systems.

ESP pumps initially utilized hardened alloy bearings that wore quickly with high break rates, resulting in lost production, expensive repairs, and non-productive time. However, bearing technology has advanced with the incorporation of technical ceramics and ceramic/metal composite materials that provide optimal hardness and toughness, thermal properties, chemical resistance, and more.

Some ESP Motors use a bronze material for the Stator bearings which can leave harmful bronze contaminants in the motor fluid as the bearing wears.  CoorsTek’s Silicon Carbide Stator bearings eliminate this failure cause.

CoorsTek provides technical ceramic ESP bearing systems made to our customers’ designs from materials based on the downhole conditions. Using CoorsTek’s technical ceramic bearings in your ESP will extend equipment life, lower total cost of operations, and reduce non-productive time.


Bearings and bushings made with technical ceramics for severe duty applications like oil and gas drilling.

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