Ceramic Cylinder Liners

Technical Ceramic Cylinder Liners for Reciprocating Pumps 

The cylinder walls of reciprocating pumps used in upstream surface production operations experience extreme conditions of wear, heat, pressure, and corrosive fluids with solids. Cylinder liners placed within the cylinder protect the walls from these harsh conditions while providing a sliding surface to optimize operation.   

CoorsTek’s technical ceramic cylinder liners for reciprocating pumps resist the harsh conditions that the cylinder walls must endure. CoorsTek can provide ceramic cylinder liners separately or as a ceramic-metal sub-assembly. CoorsTek ceramic-metal sub-assemblies are made to our customers’ design and use heat shrink technology to secure and support a ceramic cylinder inside the metal sleeve. Using CoorsTek’s technical ceramic cylinder liners will extend equipment life, lower total cost of operations, and reduce non-productive time. 


Technical ceramic pipe liners for severe duty applications in oil and gas drilling.

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