Silicon Nitride Bearing Balls & Blanks

High-Performance Technical Ceramic Balls


cerbec silicon nitride balls®

Cerbec® silicon nitride balls outperform traditional all steel bearing balls due to the tailored material properties and finishing that maximize the benefits of using ceramics — making Cerbec balls valuable in applications where steel balls degrade rapidly or where electrical insulation is a necessity.

CoorsTek can engineer precision Cerbec Balls for size ranges from micro-bearings in dental drills to large-application bearings in wind turbines, with a diameter range from 0.5 mm (0.02in) to 50 mm (2in).



Cerbec bearing balls are used in numerous applications and industries, including:

  • Aerospace: satellites, jet engines, and wing flap ball screw actuators
  • Automotive: electric vehicle traction motor shaft bearings, fuel injection systems
  • Medical: dental drills
  • Renewable Energy: wind turbine engines
  • Industrial: machine tools spindles
  • And more


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Cerbec Balls are manufactured out of CoorsTek silicon nitride. This tough ceramic has unique material properties that outperform traditional steel alloys.

  • 58% lighter than steel alloys
  • 121% Harder
  • 68% Stiffer
  • 76% Lower thermal expansion
  • Electrically resistant
  • Corrosion resistant


CoorsTek produces ceramic balls with exceptionally tight tolerances and smooth surfaces. The excellent surface finish allows Cerbec Balls to improve overall performance.  

  • Decreased friction
  • Lower lubrication required
  • Reduced wear
  • Vibration elimination


The combination of superior material and finish deliver better overall service life than traditional steel balls. Additionally, Cerbec Balls are used in harsh duty applications, including corrosive environments and high operating temperatures that would rapidly degrade steel balls.

  • Reduced operating costs
  • Limited maintenance
  • Higher reliability
  • Longer part life

Learn more about our full line of Cerbec® Ceramic Bearing Elements.


Ceramic Ball Blanks


Extremely durable CoorsTek zirconia ball blanks are ideal for severe-service environments like oil & gas down-hole, chemical manufacturing, and other high-pressure, high-temperature, and corrosive applications. 

Used as components for valves, check valves, flow control, and flow measurement, zirconia ball blanks are available in many sizes.

Family of zirconia ball blanks are ideal for severe-service environments.


CoorsTek alumina (aluminum oxide) ball blanks are abrasion resistant, high hardness, and thermally stable at temperatures up to 1800° C — useful in oil & gas down-hole, chemical pump applications, and as part of valves, bearings, flow meters, and more.

Family of alumina grinding media balls and shapes.