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CT-Series Low Profile Pulsation Stabilizers

Compact, Stable, Reliable Pulsation Stabilization 

Trust the CoorsTek pulsation specialists to provide your severe-service fluid handling system needs. 

CT-Series Pulsation StabilizerThe maintenance-friendly CT-Series low profile dampener (aka damper) allows for quick field repairs with an advanced bladder design that prevents bladder damage during replacement:

  • Damage-resistant bladder replacement
  • Fast and easy field maintenance
  • ASME U certification available


Extremely durable materials

Our standard CT-Series pulsation dampeners are constructed with carbon steel, stainless steel base plates and nitrile bladders.


Versatile — mounts on almost any pipeline or system

  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Mitigates “fluid pound” to manageable levels which extends
    life for valves, fittings, meters, control instruments, gauges,
    and other components
  • Eliminates difficult installation and bladder extrusion


Replacement bladders & kits

CoorsTek provides high-quality replacement bladders and charging kits to ensure proper fit and function.


Compact, stable and proven design

Unique in design and construction, the CT-Series pulsation dampeners and stabilizers provide reliable service:

  • Short, compact, self-supported — requires no external bracing or supporting structures
  • Isolated body cavity contains fluid within solid, durable diaphragm
  • Robust diaphragms — nitrile (NBR) and hydrogenated nitrile (HNBR) diaphragms
  • Replaceable bottom plate — available in carbon steel and stainless steel
  • Rated from 285 psig to 3705 psig
  • Extremely durable charging valve assembly
  • High pre-charge capability provides maximum reduction in peak-to-peak performance
  • Meets or exceeds API 674 requirements

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