FLOWGUARD™ Pulsation Dampeners

Pulsation Dampeners

Business Update: As of July 2023, CoorsTek has discontinued manufacture of all pulsation, pump, and valve products formerly manufactured in our Oklahoma City, Oklahoma USA facility for North American use.
We continue to manufacture our FlowGuard pulsation products for use in the UK/EU at our facility in New Mills, UK. Please contact us for more information on FlowGuard products.


FlowGuard pulsation dampeners are hydro-pneumatic devices designed to remove pulsations, vibrations, and noise caused by positive displacement pumps in upstream production surface systems. Using pulsation dampeners on positive displacement-pumped systems results in improved instrument readings, increased pump life, lower maintenance costs, and lower running costs. Pulsation dampeners eliminate the possibility of pipe fracture caused by vibration while safeguarding personnel from the risk of leaks. 

Benefits Include: 

  • Ensure a continuous, steady flow 
  • Remove pressure fluctuations and surges 
  • Reduce overload on pump motors and gearboxes in long runs of pipe 
  • Stop pipe vibration and shaking 
  • Reduce noise 
  • Mitigate pump over-delivery 
  • Prevent cavitation caused by poor suction conditions, long suction lines, etc. 

Pulsation dampeners
 operate by employing a small volume of gas, usually nitrogen, contained within a flexible membrane fitted inside a non-corrosive shell. Each time a pulse comes from the pump, part of the pulse goes into the damper and the gas is compressed slightly. As the flow decreases the pulse stored in the damper will be pushed back into the line. The result is a smooth flow which will keep pressure fluctuations within the required limits (level of damping). 

Features of FlowGuard Pulsation Dampeners:

  • Unrestricted inlet port (no poppet valve) for improved damping efficiency
  • Welded flange connections as well as BSP & NPT threaded
  • Very simple gas charging system
  • One-piece, moulded membranes (no glued joints) on all standard sizes
  • In-line (2 port) available as an option with a choice of port orientation
  • Easy-to-service membrane can be changed without removing damper from the line
  • Fully coded and approved welding with 100% x-ray, if required

CoorsTek dampeners are exceptionally durable. Superior, uncomplicated, and efficient designs ensure levels of performance unmatched by traditional adapted hydraulic accumulators. The basic, yet rugged, construction makes them economically priced and easy to maintain.
A broad range of certified high-quality dampeners are available to suit our customers’ needs and conform to internationally recognized pressure vessel codes. Our standard housings are made of non-corrosive 316 stainless steel, polypropylene, or of special alloys like titanium, Hastelloy®, Monel™, etc. The membrane is available in 10 different types of rubber or PTFE (Teflon®) bellows or diaphragm. Pulsation dampeners may be supplied with full material certification (ASME Coded), if required. 


Flowguard pulsation dampener.

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