Gap Sub Washers

Zirconia Gap Sub Washers

Electromagnetic telemetry (EMT) in measurement while drilling (MWD) systems communicate by transmitting electromagnetic waves through the formation rather than pressure pulses through the fluid column in the drill string. A gap sub is placed in the bottom hole assembly to form an electrical break in the drill string, causing some electromagnetic waves to travel through the formation rather than the drill pipe.  

Annular zirconia gap sub washers are used as an electrical insulator between the torque shoulders of the gap sub connection. These insulating and exceptionally tough and strong zirconia gap sub washers function to provide an electrical discontinuity when incorporated into a conductive drill string. CoorsTek zirconia gap sub washers help ensure the efficient operation of EMT systems and provide long component life. 


Sub gap washers made from technical ceramics for severe duty applications like oil and gas drilling.

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