Kiln Furniture Using Porous Silicon Carbide

High temperature fuel cell and electrolyzer cell components are sintered in kilns. Cell components need a means, or parts, to hold them in the kilns for precise processing. These parts are often referred to as kiln furniture. Kiln furniture can be parts such as posts, shelves, plate & tile setters, stilts, etc.

The choice of material for kiln furniture is influenced by cost, weight, and physical properties. Important physical properties are load carrying ability, heat distribution, energy consumption, and resistance to thermomechanical and chemical stresses.

CoorsTek has developed kiln furniture with a porous material using recrystallized Silicon Carbide. Because it is porous, it is very light, and yet much stronger than other materials so it can be thin and still resist cracking. Since it is silicon carbide, it has a low heat capacity, high thermal shock resistance, and long life. The low heat capacity contributes to energy conservation and high-speed sintering.

Porous Silicon Carbide plates and setters can be made in custom sizes. Using CoorsTek’s porous Silicon Carbide plates and setters for your kiln furniture will reduce your energy costs and increase throughput.

Uncoated setter plate for kiln furniture.