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Pump Expendables

Ceramic Pump Plungers

The fluid end of a multiplex pump houses parts such as individual plungers and associated discharge check valves that are directly responsible for moving fluids. Ceramic plungers work exceptionally well for most multiplex pump fluid end saltwater, chemical, and metering applications. 

CoorsTek produces specially formulated grades of ceramic to allow a standard 8 RMS surface finish, dramatically extending packing life. A proprietary process bonds the ceramic body to the corrosion-resistant stainless steel adapter for reliable performance in extreme work environments. 

When corrosion and abrasion resistance are required and extended packing life is needed, ceramic plungers provide unequaled performance. Plungers are available in hollow ceramic or solid ceramic designs to suit specific applications. Made to customer specifications, CoorsTek provides coated plungers and extension rods, chrome oxide plungers, tungsten carbide plungers, extension rods, stem-guided plate valves, abrasion-resistant and specialty valves, and a variety of miscellaneous valves to ensure optimum pump operation. 

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Pump plunger packing rope.

Lined plungers made with technical ceramics for severe duty applications.

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