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RD-Series Water Hammer Arrestors

RD-Series Arrestors

Water hammer occurs when moving fluid abruptly reverses direction due to a quick-closing valve or sudden pump shutdown. The fluid is forced to stop forward motion and reverse directioncreating a powerful and destructive propagating wave within the piping system. 

Mounted within the pipeline, water hammer arrestors alleviate this effect to reduce operating costs and extend the life of system components such as valves, meters, control instrumentation, and gauges. CoorsTek engineers thoroughly understand the causes of water hammer conditions and how to effectively, efficiently, and reliably, mitigate this problem. 

CoorsTek combines two widely accepted dampener technologies into the RD-Series Arrestorspherical and appendageone extremely capable pulsation arrestor to isolate and mitigate fluid pound. This patented and proven technology attenuates water hammer fluid surge to manageable levels, performs with minimal pressure drop across the unit, and can be ASME U stamped and certified upon request. 


RD-Water Hammers

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