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SurgeTek™ Pump Suction and Discharge Stabilizers

Suction & Discharge Stabilizers

Pulsation (pressure surges) within pump systems may hinder pump efficiency and cause excessive downtime. Reducing this pulsation in pumping systems lowers maintenance costs and decreases the potential for unsafe working conditions.  

CoorsTek suction and discharge stabilizers create steady flow conditions by absorbing the flow surge from the natural occurrence of a positive displacement pump and leveling the flow from the pump. These stabilizers significantly reduce harmful pulsation that may cause the early failure of pump components such as plungers, valves, piping, and critical connections. 

The superior-quality, heavy-duty cartridges within the stabilizer compensate for each pressure variation as it occurs. By operating the pump with a consistent, even flow of liquid, stabilizers prevent the majority of pulsation problems—even in the most difficult piping conditions. In addition, harmonic interference is virtually eliminated with this advanced CoorsTek technology, further optimizing efficiency and production output 


SurgeTek suction discharge stabilizer.

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