Technical Ceramic Inserts

Technical Ceramic Inserts for Frac Plug Slips.

Spears and Associates estimated that over 700,000 frac plugs were deployed in 2018. Each plug must hold high pressures during fracking and then be able to be easily removed. Early-generation plugs used inserts made from tool steel, tungsten carbide, or hardened cast iron. However, most companies now use technical ceramic because it marries hardness and strength with low density. This makes technical ceramic inserts tough enough to operate in these harsh environments while helping with clean out and making them easier to mill out. 

Often referred to as buttons or pills, CoorsTek’s technical ceramic inserts are successfully used every day on frac plug slips. Using CoorsTek technical ceramic inserts for frac plug slips will lower total cost of operations and reduce non-productive time. 


Technical ceramic packer buttons used in oil and gas drilling applications.

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