Tungsten Carbide Erosion-Resistant Sleeves

Ported Tungsten Carbide Sleeves for Sand Control Tools 

Managing sand production is essential to protect wellbore and production equipment. An effective gravel pack is the most popular method of completing sand-prone formationsHowever, placing the gravel (sand) during the gravel packing procedure can cut metal as it impinges restricted areas. 

The erosion resistance of tungsten carbide makes it an ideal material for the sleeves used in surface and downhole gravel packing equipment. In addition, CoorsTek’s tungsten carbide gravel pack sleeves are made to our customers’ design and with smooth flow paths. As a result, customers need not be concerned about fluid cutting/erosion and can optimize gravel concentration and carrier fluid viscosity.  

Using CoorsTek’s erosion-resistant tungsten carbide sleeves in gravel packing equipment will extend equipment life, lower total cost of operations, and reduce non-productive time. 


Tungsten carbide, erosion resistant sleeve ideal for severe-duty oil and gas applications.

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