Valves & Valve Components

Ceramic Valve Components for Safety, Longevity, and Reliability

Ball valve assembly made with zirconia.

CoorsTek provides industrial-grade valves and valve components that excel in even the most punishing conditions. Made to outperform conventional plastic, metal, carbide-coated, and diffusion alloy materials in corrosive, high-temperature, and high-pressure applications our components are made-to-fit your specific requirements.

Valves and Valve Components

  • Abrasion-Resistant Valves   
  • Needle Valves   
  • Faucet and Industrial Valve Components
  • Wing-Guided Valves
  • Gate Valves
  • Valve Erosion Rings & Sleeves
  • Stem-Guided Plate Valves
  • Ball & Seat Check Valves 
  • Custom Valve Components
  • Plug Valves
  • Valve Balls


SEVERE-DUTY Valve Components

Check Valve Components


Ball valve and seats (can be used as downhole plugs)

CoorsTek ball valve and seat components are made from abrasion, erosion, and corrosion resistant alumina. These valves are commonly found in environments where flow control and sealing is critical to the application.

  • Ball valves in varying sizes
  • Seats
  • Ceramic gates


Plug Valve Components


Various ball and plug valve components

CoorsTek designs ceramic plugs made from high-purity zirconia, ensuring long wear and corrosion resistance in caustic environments. Plug valves can be designed in many shapes and sizes as well as surface finishes.

  • Plug, conical & needle
  • Ceramic seats & housing

Gate Valve Components

Rounded gate valve made with alumina and silicon carbide.

Rounded gate valve.

CoorsTek gate valves are made from the finest alumina and manufactured to withstand wear and fluid erosion caused by opening and closing of the valve. All of our valves are designed to spec for your specific application. Our products are well known to withstand harsh environments and to provide longevity, reliability and performance.

Ceramic Valve Components for Medical Instrumentation

Blood sorting valves for medical applications made with technical ceramics.

CoorsTek provides custom valves for a broad range of medical device and analytical instruments including blood separation, hematology, medical test instruments, and other pumping applications.

Faucet and Industry Valve Components

Ceramic faucet discs enable better control, longer life, and less maintenance. CoorsTek faucet valve systems are precision manufactured to minimize thermally sensitive plastic or rubber gaskets — improving fluid control while maintaining a consistently smooth valve motion.

We design each ceramic component for optimal mechanical & thermal stability while minimizing friction with:

  • Grain size control
  • Chemical purity
  • Precision forming & finishing

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