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Zero Maintenance Pulsation Dampeners (ZM-Series)

Zero Maintenance Pulsation Dampeners Offer Superior Versatility - Without the Hassle

Pulsation Management 

CoorsTek understands severe-service fluid handling systems. Partnering with design, facility, and maintenance engineers, we are able to optimize system productivity — prolonging product and equipment life. We offer a wide range of pulsation dampening and stabilizing equipment to extend equipment life and reduce unscheduled maintenance.

Zero-Maintenance (ZM-Series) pulsation dampeners work well in a wide variety of systems and pressure ranges. Unlike gas-charged units, no adjustments are needed when system pressures or surge levels change. Their beveled connection allows units to be welded directly inline eliminating flange costs and potential flange leaks.

Surgetek zero maintenance pulsation dampener.

Advanced Performance

ZM-Series pulsation dampeners reduce pulsation over a variable operating range. Their stationary guides force the pulsating flow of fluid through a spherical shell. The spinning mass of media creates a system-smoothing effect dampening surges from the amplified source. 

Our standard ZM-series stabilizers are constructed with durable carbon steel. CoorsTek Engineered Products offers special corrosion resistance utilizing exotic materials for hostile environments and applications. Contact our severe-service experts for more information

ZM-Series Pulsation Dampener

  • Reduce operating costs
  • Extend product life for valves, fittings, meters, control instruments, and gauges
  • Virtually eliminate damage-causing vibrations to weld connections, support structures, and pump components

In addition to the ZM pulsation dampener, CoorsTek offers:

  • Inline gas-charged pulsation stabilizers
  • Appendage-type stabilizers
  • FlowGuard® pulsation dampers
  • Replacement bladders and repair kits:
    • Continental Emsco® PD-45, PD-50
    • Hydril® K-Series, IP-Series