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CoorsTek ceramics are used in numerous aerospace & defense applications, including satellite components, optical ceramics for airborne sensing and imaging, body and vehicle armor components, propulsion and control components, and more. Learn more >>

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CoorsTek manufactures a wide variety of components for the automotive and transportation industries. Our ceramics are used in many e-mobility and classic powertrain components, as well as automotive sensors, autonomous vehicle systems, and more. Learn more >>


CoorsTek chemical and scientific labware products have been manufactured by the company since the early 1910s. These flagship technical ceramic products are well-known throughout the science & education industries. Learn more >>

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Our technical ceramic components are used broadly in many consumer and household applications, including gas and electric appliances, heating and HVAC equipment, portable appliances, and more. Learn more >>


CoorsTek technical ceramic components are used widely in a broad range of applications within the electronics industries. Our custom manufactured components include thick and thin-film ceramic substrates for electronic circuit boards, components for LED lighting applications, components for computer hardware and communications applications, and more. Learn more >>


Used widely in the energy and chemicals industries, CoorsTek technical ceramic components are used in renewable and clean energy applications, emissions control equipment for power & utilities, chemical processing equipment, and oil and gas production. Learn more >>


In the machinery and equipment industries, CoorsTek provides custom manufactured technical ceramic components for a variety of applications including metrology, glass manufacturing, material handling, and more. Learn more >>


From NSF-certified components for food processing to beverage handling equipment, CoorsTek manufactures a range of technical ceramics for the agriculture and nutrition industries. Applications include can tooling components, agricultural nozzles and fluid handling components, knife sharpening components, and more. Learn more >>


CoorsTek technical ceramic components provide critical functions for numerous medical applications. CoorsTek ceramics can be found on electrosurgical devices, medical imaging equipment, and other medical devices. CoorsTek bioceramic components are used a variety of surgical implants such as hip replacement systems, cochlear and spinal implants, and more. Learn more >>


One of our largest industries, CoorsTek ceramics are critical to the semiconductor fabrication and manufacturing processes. Our components are used in numerous types of wafer processing and wafer fabrication applications such as etch, deposition, wafer handling, lithography and inspection, and more. Learn more >>

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Products & Services

•  ArcResist™ Protective Coating (PDF, 222 KB)

  Armor Ceramics Overview (PDF, 321 KB)

•  Automotive Solutions (PDF, 921 KB)

•  Can Tooling (PDF, 644 KB)

•  CeraCheck Precision Fixed Gauges (PDF, 131 KB)

•  Ceramic Membrane Filters - Technical Data (PDF, 960 KB)

  Cerbec Genuine Ceramic Balls (PDF, 1.79 MB)

  Cerbec Silicon Nitride Balls for EV Motors Brochure (PDF, 745 KB)

  Coffee Machine Components (PDF 690 KB)

  Cooling Box for Transportation (PDF, 802 KB)

  Cutting Tools (PDF, 242 KB)

  Electric Vehicle Applications (PDF, 4.5 MB) 

  Electronic Substrates Overview (PDF, 324 KB)

  Flat Panel Display for Semiconductor (PDF, 399 KB)

  Flowguard Products (PDF, 356 KB)

  Fluid Handling Components (1.2 MB)

  Fluid Dynamics Product Specification Chart (PDF, 51 KB)

  Heating Igniters for Household Durables (PDF, 208 KB)

•  High Performance Ceramics for Medical Equipment (PDF, 911 KB)

•  Hydrogen Solutions  (PDF, 399 KB)

  Igniter Products for Household Durables (PDF, 227 KB)

•  Igniter Specifications (PDF, 1.2 MB)

  Injection Molding (PDF, 1.5 MB)

  Labware Catalog (PDF, 3.3 MB)

  Labware Price List (PDF, 811 KB)

  Medical Ceramics, CeraPure (PDF, 623 KB)

•  Medical Device Components Ceramic Design Guide (PDF, 1.2. MB)

•  Metallized Ceramics for Electronics (PDF, 342 KB)

•  Oil & Gas Solutions (PDF, 1.5 MB)

  Perforated Plaques for Household Durables (PDF, 559 KB)

•  Permallon® Avant Ceramics for Total Hip Arthroplasty (PDF, 2.2 MB)

•  Permallon® Tru Ceramics for Total Hip Arthroplasty (PDF, 1.5 MB)

  Precision Measurement Components (PDF, 450 KB)

  Precision Machining Services (PDF, 44 KB) 

  Seal Material Properties (PDF, 257 KB)

  Semiconductor Processing Components Application Guide (PDF, 605 KB)

  Sensor Components (PDF, 529 KB)

  Thick-Film Ceramic Substrate Design Guide for Electronics 

  Thin Film Ceramics Substrates Design Guide for Electronics

•  Tubes & Rods Catalog (PDF, 2.7 MB)

  Vacuum Wafer Chucks for Semiconductor (PDF, 193 KB)


•  Advanced Alumina for Semiconductor (PDF, 306 KB)

•  Alumina (PDF, 132 KB)

•  Aluminum Nitride - AlN Data Sheet (PDF, 86 KB)

•  Bioceramics Material Properties (PDF, 107KB)

•  Ceramic Material Properties (PDF, 89 KB)

•  CeraPure High Purity Ceramics for Medical (PDF, 653 KB)

•  ESD StatSafe Ceramics (PDF, 290 KB)

•  NBD-200 Silicon Nitride for Ceramic Balls (PDF, 1.5 MB)

•  Oil & Gas | Ceramic Materials Summary (PDF, 582 KB)

•  Semiconductor Oxides Material Properties Chart (PDF, 99 KB)

•  SN101C Silicon Nitride for Ceramic Balls (PDF, 443KB)

•  SN102 Silicon Nitride for Ceramic Balls (PDF, 826KB)

•  SN103 Silicon Nitride for Ceramic Balls (PDF, 1.7MB)

•  Silicon Carbides (PDF, 257 KB)

•  Silicon Carbide for Furnace Components (PDF, 1.2 MB)

•  Silicon Carbide for Semiconductor (PDF, 523 KB)

•  Tungsten Carbide (PDF, 181 KB)

•  Zirconia Materials (PDF, 158 KB)