Quality & EHS

Striving Towards a Safe and Efficient Workplace

CoorsTek works diligently to continuously improve our processes and capabilities. Best practice methodologies are employed throughout our company — with special attention to quality systems and Environmental Health and Safety (EHS).

Internationally Recognized Manufacturing Standards

ISO 9001 registration and compliance with ISO 14000 are expectations for our manufacturing facilities. The requirements of these quality and environmental management standards are integrated with CoorsTek business systems to help ensure we meet our customers' short- and long-term needs. Many of our facilities are registered to higher level standards like AS 9100, IATF 16949, and ISO 13485 to meet the expectations of specialized markets. View Quality Certifications.

CoorsTek Quality Management systems are based on international standards, and are audited annually by accredited certification bodies. We take pride in our systematic approach to making CoorsTek an industry leader. Contact us to request a copy of our Quality Policy.

Operational Excellence

Many CoorsTek Quality and EHS resources are trained in Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma under our signature programs. We apply these principles to many quality and EHS-related functions, including examples such as reducing hazardous chemicals, robust EHS auditing, well-organized emergency drills and preparedness, effective employee training programs, and wastewater treatment.

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View: SDS (Safety Data Sheets)

CoorsTek Quality and Safety