Quality Certifications

Quality Certifications for CoorsTek Manufacturing Facilities

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Find quality and environment certificates and documentation for CoorsTek operations worldwide. CoorsTek Quality Management systems are based on international standards, and are audited annually by accredited certification bodies. We take pride in our systematic approach to making CoorsTek an industry leader. Contact us to request a copy of our Quality Policy.


JAPAN  Flag of Japan 

Hadano, Japan


Tokuyama, Japan


Kariya, Japan


Nagasaki, Japan


SOUTH KOREA  Flag of South Korea  

Gumi, South Korea


THAILAND  Flag of Thailand

Rayong, Thailand


CZECH REPUBLIC   Flag of Czech Republic

Turnov, Czech Republic


GERMANY  Flag of Germany

Bindlach, Germany 


Lauf, Germany


Mönchengladbach, Germany


THE NETHERLANDS Flag of The Netherlands

Uden, The Netherlands

SWEDEN  Flag of Sweden

Robertsfors, Sweden


UNITED KINGDOM Flag of the United Kingdom

Crewe, England


New Mills, England


North America

CANADA  Flag of Canada 

Hamilton, Ontario


MEXICO  Flag of Mexico 

San Luis Potosi, Mexico

UNITED STATES  Flag of the United States of America 

CoorsTek Center for Advanced Materials (CCAM)


Golden Mountain Complex-South


Golden Mountain Complex-East

Golden Mountain Complex-North


East Granby, Connecticut


Lexington, Kentucky


Worcester, Massachusetts


Milford, New Hampshire


Hillsboro, Oregon


Oak Ridge, Tennessee